Because our CBD oil is the only one developed with a proprietary component delivery method and manufacturing process that disrupts the CBD molecules by way of cavitation into extremely small nanoparticles capturing CBD without the addition of emulsifiers and or surfactants. Our patent pending process also includes features including an ultrasonic captivity method and homogenization through zoning a carrier oil with a combination of CBD to produce nano-sized particles less than 50 nanometers.

This method has the following advantages:

  • Increases the efficacy of the CBD by increasing its bioavailability up to 90%, delivering CBD directly to CB1 and CB2 receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid      system.  This is posible because of our patent pending method of delivery.
  • It allows a lipid-soluble CBD to be absorbed into the body and enter our endocannabinoid system more efficiently and effectively  increasing the bioavailability of CBD MORE THAT 90%..
  • It is particularly useful for applications aiming to cross the blood-brain barrier to supply cannabinoids. The reason for this is that endothelial cells contain tight junctions that prevent large molecules from passing through the junctional spaces. This forces molecules through the endothelial cells to enter brain tissue, which means they must pass through the cell membranes of the endothelial cells.
  • It is capable of breaking down fatty esters, such as full spectrum hemp oil, in the presence of a vehicle to produce a lipid soluble product.
  • It is useful for topical and cosmetic applications when crossing the cutaneous membrane (skin) that is firmly attached to a thick layer of dense connective tissue called the dermis.
  • Produces particles small enough to quickly traverse the oral mucosa and enter the systemic circulation with only a fraction of the oil.

Our product does not contain emulsifiers and / or surfactants which contributes to:

  • Offer a significantly more efficient and consistent reaction.
  • The composition of the product and its behavior in the body are not affected.
  • The bitter taste of products that are processed with emulsifiers is eliminated.

The only molecules that conventionally easily cross the blood-brain barrier are those that are highly lipid soluble and nanometer-sized below 50 nm. Insta-Pür CBD offers this in all its components for the use and benefit of our patients.

Insta-Pür CBD is the pioneer in supplying cannabinoids as CBD nanoparticles in the blood barrier.

Unlike other products that claim to use nano technology, our CBD is nanometric in size and does not use other products like nano H2O, colloidal systems, lyposomes or nano bubbling.